Interview with Trisha Thompson Pritikin.
  Interview with Trisha Thompson Pritikin. Author of 'The Hanford Plaintiffs' Trisha Pritikin’s The Hanford Plaintiffs was the winner of the General non-fiction category at the 2021 New York Book Festival. But it’s really a horror story about the abuse suffered by victims of radiation
Speech by Steve Burt, Grand Prize Winner, 2019 New York Book Festival
In June I was thrilled when Bruce Haring and JM Northern Media, coordinators of the 2019 New York Book Festival, informed me that my novel, The Bookseller's Daughter, had won first place in the Adult Fiction category. Even better, the book had also been named the overall Grand Prize Winner—which gav
Interview with TODOR BOMBOV
Todor Bombov’s science fiction short story Of Rats and Men was an honorable mention at the 2016 New York Book Festival. The festival caught up with the Bulgarian writer to catch up on the scene in his native country and discover his inspirations. NYBF: What sparked your writing interest?
Interview with Donna McDine
Interview with Kevin Garret
Author Has Faith in Monumental Theories
Faith Booysen is the author of “The Sphinx and Stonehenge Connection,” a book that compares the internationally known monuments and interprets their meanings. After receiving an honorable mention at the Paris Book Festival, we sat down with Booysen for a few questions regarding her work.
Interview with author Regina Glei
1) You are a German author who writes in English and lives in Japan. First, why are you living in Japan? And how has that culture, which has a long tradition of taking things to the limit, affected your writing?I studied English literature in Munich and while doing so, I asked myself what kind of jo
Interview with Josh Viola
Josh Viola and Nicholas Karpuk's 'The Bane of Yoto'is a science-fantasy novel of the first order. A surprisingly quick read for a nearly 500-page novel, 'The Bane of Yoto' is a movie franchise waiting to happen for fans of the genre. The novel deals with two brothers, Eon and Yoto, who are part of t
Interview with author Cynthia Drew
Author Cynthia Drew’s “City of Slaughter” (Fithian Press) is a powerful novel of turn-of-the-20th Century immigrants and their struggle to adapt in a new land. Drawing on actual history and mixing fiction with fact, Drew’s fascinating tale focuses on two sisters, Carsie and Lilia, who attempt to ove
Interview with Claire Cook, winner of the 2010 Beach Book Festival Awards.
Interview with Claire Cook, winner of the 2010 Beach Book Festival Awards. Seven Year Switch is bestselling author Claire Cook’s seventh novel. It has received beach read praise from People, USA Today, The New York Times, and The New York Post. According to Kirkus, “a beach tote coul
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