NEW YORK (June 22, 2008) _ The 2008 New York Book Festival has named Eddie Einbinder's "How To Have Fun And Not Die," a unique examination of recreational drug use as told from the user’s experience, as the grand prize winner of its annual competition.

Einbinder, whose interviews for the book ranged from prominent doctors to heroin junkies, delivers a fresh, anecdote-laden and always straightforward account of the effects and experiences caused by ingesting drugs from alcohol to acid. While many will be offended by the notion of guidance, Einbinder believes not talking about the topic is more dangerous than providing information. The judges were impressed by the writing and his courage to speak of the forbidden.

He and other winners will be appearing on June 28 at the 2008 New York Book Festival in Central Park from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The event, which is free and open to the public, will be held near the Naumburg Bandshell in the park. Author readings and signing, live music, clowns doing face-painting and balloon animals, book vendors, food and live music will be part of the day-long celebration of literacy and education.

Other winners in the festival:


WINNER: The Strange Odyssey of Peter Sampson - Hal Schweig


  • Above Empyrean – Bruce Herschensohn
  • The Portal – Keith White
  • Stolen Boy – Michael Mehas
  • Mephisto on Wing – Antoinette Pannard
  • The Dead Pool – J.D. Phillips
  • Temple of the Two Jaguars – Edward Curry
  • Out of the Ordinary – Susan Morgan
  • The Other Side of Hell – Bob Adamov
  • La Rose du Voyageur – Jean-Bernard Lemal
  • Evil of the Age – Allan Levine
  • Seven Ox Seven – Peter Ritzer
  • The Digger’s Rest – K. Patrick Malone
  • Silenced Cry – Marta Stephens
  • Dreamtime – Robert Steiner
  • Die Tochter Meines Vaters – Mareike Krugel
  • Rebels of Minanao – Tom Anthony
  • Diva’s Last Curtain Call – Angela Henry
  • The Corporation – Norma Shabel
  • Employee of the Year – Milton Ghivizzani
  • I Looked Out Tilt – Henry Wyath Gurley
  • A Girl Named Charlie Lester – Carissa Halston


WINNER: Foretold – Susan Schaab


  • Utopia Has Been Postponed – Joshua Levitt
  • The Willow Falls Christmas Train – William Trombello
  • Joshua and Julius – Jomo Merritt
  • Summer of Innocence – Leonard Barnett


WINNER: Fireman – George R. Kreuscher


  • Shoot Me While I’m Happy – Jane Goldberg
  • Once Upon A Time In Japan – J.R. Maroney
  • The House of Many Faces – Konstantina Dimitra Mahlia
  • No Turning Back – Gordon Brewster
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy – James Alston
  • Regina’s Closet – Diana M. Raab
  • Sixtyfive Roses – Heather Cariou
  • It Was Never About A Hot Dog and A Coke – Rodney L. Hurst Sr.
  • Lily and Me – Frederick Rodgers
  • Crossing Hoffa – A Teamster’s Story – Steven J. Harper
  • Sophia’s Exit Strategy – C. Paolo Caruso


WINNER: The Knife Beneath My Shirt – Skie Bender


  • Silent Voices, Volume IV – Peter Balaskas
  • The Street Life Series: Is It Passion Or Revenge? Kevin M. Weeks
  • Insufficient Mating Material – Rowena Cherry
  • Virtual Worlds: Rewiring Your Emotional Future – Jack Myers
  • Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide For Every Member of the Tribe – Lisa A. Klug
  • Halfway Across The River – Annette Childs
  • Imagining Einstein – Barbara With
  • Conjuring Black Funk - Herukhuti
  • Rock Me On The Water – Renny Russell


WINNER: Surfer Girl – Penelope Dyan


  • The Night Wanderer: A Native Gothic Novel – Drew Hayden Taylor
  • Girl of the Moment – Lizabeth Zindel
  • Paraworld Zero, Book 1 – Matthew Peterson
  • Teens and the Job Game – Beverly Slomka
  • The Echo Glass – Heather Morrall
  • Littluns and the Book of Darkness – Mark Glamack
  • Will’s Garden – Lee Maracle
  • The Great Book of the Universe – Colette Francis Ashton
  • Lines of Velocity – Keren Taylor, editor
  • Shine Annie – Betty Oglesby Payne


WINNER: How To Have Fun And Not Die – Eddie Einbinder


  • Sit Down Young Stranger – John Graham
  • In The Best Interest of the Child – Nadir Baksh/Laurie Murphy
  • When The Mob Ran Vegas – Steve Fischer
  • Gattorno: A Cuban Painter For The World – Sean M. Poole
  • The Fart Party – Julia Wertz
  • Take A City Nature Walk – Jane Kirkland
  • Cooking Jewish – Judy Bart Kancigor
  • Conscious Globalism – David A. Schwerin
  • Howling In Mesopotamia – Haider Ala Hamoudi
  • Where The Blind Horse Sings – Kathy Stevens
  • The Oldest Europeans – J.F. del Giorgio
  • Bless Your Stress – C. Leslie Charles/Mimi Donaldson
  • White Lies, Dark Truth – Mony Singh
  • My Buddy Butch – Jeff Marginean
  • Health Begins In The Colon – Dr. Edward F. Group III
  • Dr. Blues’ Guide To Making Relationships Work – Richard Blue/Lisa Blue
  • The Power of the Possible – Auriela McCarthy
  • A Dream So Far Away – Shbone Mims


WINNER: Monty The Traveling Cat – B.J. Moesner/Kevin Scott Collier


  • Emerita – Cindy Mauro Reisenauer
  • Sunny Bunnies – Margie Blumberg/June Goulding
  • Trains and Real Locomotives – William Trombello
  • How A Real Locomotive Works – William Trombello
  • Why The Dog Chases The Cat and the Cat Chases The Mouse – K.L. Vaniko
  • Without Words – Beti Rozen/Peter Hays/Daniel Azulay
  • Casey and Bella Go To New York – Jane Lovascio/Aija Jasuna
  • Where is Ziggy? Ryan & Nicole Mayer
  • Guardian of Dreams: A Bedtime Story – Wendy Torrel/Kendall Klingbeil
  • Moonstory – Maarten Ost
  • If I Could Catch A Star – Barbara Waddell/Tracy Staley
  • Parker, The Flower Shop Dog – L.J. Street/T.J. Harvey
  • Grow, Watermelon, Grow – Charlotte Noruzi
  • The DoBees – Curbee Races The Nasbee 500 – Kyle Donovan
  • Joyous Haggadah: The Illuminated Story of Passover – Richard and Liora Codor
  • Melinda: A Mostly Magnificent Moose – Daniel Burch Fiddler
  • Shoe Shakes – Loris Lesynski/Michael Martchenko
  • Yamozha and His Beaver Wife – Vital Thomas/Archie Beaulieu
  • Curio: A Shetland Sheepdog and Friends – Jeanette A. Griver
  • Juniper Cooper’s Super Dooper Guide To Careers – CC Fuller
  • Annabelle: Uma Crianca a Caminho – Peter Hays/Eliardo Franca


WINNER: Moset A to Z – The Folk Art of Mose Tolliver – Anton Haardt


  • H20 – Howard Schatz
  • Sacred Earth: Planet of Light – Ernest L. King
  • Adirondacks Alive – Olaf Soot/Don Mellor
  • Transcendent Spirit: The Orphans of Uganda – Douglas Menuez
  • The Ultimate Fashion Study Guide: The Design Process – Victoria Hunter


WINNER: The Knock at the Door – Margaret Ajemian Ahnert


WINNER: Sexiest Man Alive – Diana Holquist


The Rose of York: Love and War – Sandra Worth


WINNER: The Afterlife of Charlotte Browning – Christine B. Morris


  • Soulware – Paul Black
  • A Wealth of Energy – David Llewelyn
  • Strike At The Heart – The Rescue Mission – Lawrence Berrie
  • The Starfish People – Leann Marshall


WINNER: Two Sides: Haiku and Othr Words – Tom Quinn Kumpf


  • Head Trauma: Sonnets and Other Poems – Gary David Johnson
  • The Journal of a Brooklyn Urbanite – Rodrina V. Perry
  • Weapon of Choice – Jeffery Martin
  • Bikeman: An Epic Poem – Thoams F. Flynn
  • Peeling The Onion – George E. James


WINNER: How To Mediate Like A Pro – Mary Greenwood

HONORABLE MENTION: The Scoop on Good Grammar - Margie Blumberg


WINNER: Notes From The Waiting Room – Bart Windrum


  • Starting A Collection Agency – Michelle A. Dunn
  • The Writer Within You – Charles Jacobs
  • Build Your Money Muscles – Joan Sotkin


WINNER: The Life of Riley: Turkey Tales – Chris Huntington