Wednesday, December 13, 2006

An in-depth historical novel about the relationships between Thomas Jefferson and his real life slaves, Sally Hemings and her children.

The novel is interesting, and part of a series, because it deals with the race relation issues of the time and it coincides directly with the development of the United States.

Author Esther Franklin has done extensive research in libraries to make this novel historically accurate. All the conversations and situations have been carefully reviewed, so that the story could be detailed as if it was a true story.

Even the dialogue is realistic. Franklin spent time studying the slang and the expressions of the Jefferson era, and she has successfully created many conversations between the characters of that era.

Franklin has given intimacy to situations that most of us have only read in textbooks. She gives personality and life to these characters that had a huge influence on the shaping of our nation. She gives the 1800’s a background with her series, and in the process she brings to life one of the most famous historical figures.

Franklin has given the audience a choice, a different way to learn about our country’s history. She has given respect to the characters in the book by not exaggerating or scandalizing their presence just for a good story. She tells the story as if she was their first hand to witness it.