NEW YORK_ The story of a family man who faces the struggles of post-traumatic stress is the grand prize winner of the 2018 New York Book Festival, which honors books worthy of further attention from the world’s publishing capital.

Author Steven Manchester’s Three Shoeboxes (Fiction Studio Books) tells the story of Mac Anderson, who has a seemingly perfect life on the outside, but battles an invisible enemy called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

One shoebox might store an old pair of sneakers. Two shoe boxes might contain a lifetime of photographs. But in Three Shoeboxes, a father’s undying love may be just enough to make things right again.

This compelling and emotional story by a master of family oriented fiction will be honored at a private reception at the Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan in July.

Other winners in the competition:


WINNER: Three Shoeboxes- Steven Manchester

RUNNER-UP: The Promise of Cedar Key- Rick Robinson


  • Unloved, A Love Story- Katy Regnery
  • Facing the Dragon-Philip Derrick
  • Billy Gogan American- Roger Higgins
  • American Pathfinder - Frank B. Mitchell Jr.
  • The Brambles- Leah Erickson
  • Two Days at the Asylum- Frederic S. Walborn
  • Divining Another Dream- Bernadette Davis
  • Red Hotel-Gary Grossman, Ed Fuller
  • The Anderson Girls -Penelope Dyan
  • Brother Daniel's Good News Revival- Bruce J. Brittan
  • East - A Novel - Peri Hoskins
  • Four Women - Nikesha Elise Williams
  • Creole Moon Book of Roots - S.T. Holmes
  • Shadow In The Mirror - Adele Hewitt Veal
  • Pigeon- Pres Maxson
  • Impending Fate – William Messenger
  • Pushing Through The Darkness - Linette Bruno
  • The Search for Zarahemla - Terry Neal
  • Through My Eyes- Lisa Jagmohan
  • Going All In- Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley & Wayne J. Keeley
  • Second Chances- Rachel Cullen
  • Hiding Extra Lovin'- Velda Washington-Stewart
  • The Fearful Lion- Almas Akhtar  
  • Aby- Fabrice Liegeois
  • The Fallen- M. L. Ruscasak
  • The Winter Spider- Doc Krinberg


WINNER: Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World- Ellen Moyer

RUNNER-UP: Writing for Bliss: A Seven-Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life-Diana Raab, Ph.d


  • Kidnapping the Prince of Albany- James J. Dunn
  • Everybody Loves Conspiracy Theories- David Ritchey
  • Generation Z Goes To College- Corey Seemiller / Meghan Grace
  • Life Should Be Simple and Easy: If You're Doing It Hard, You're Doing It Wrong- Conrad Aquino and Bryson Miller
  • Real Life Construction Management Guide From A-Z- Jamil Soucar
  • The End of the Great Flea Market - The History of the San Jose Flea Market- Audrey L. Lynch
  • El Fuego De Un Ideal: Memorias de la adolescencia - Jose Alvarez, Ph.D
  • Discover The Ultimate You- There's More Beneath The Surface - Yolanda Theophilus
  • Shari's Secret- Patricia Striar Rohner
  • Teen Dodging “Bullets,”- Michele Sfakianos, RN, BSN
  • Police Wife: The Secret Epidemic of Police Domestic Violence- Alex Roslin
  • Broken Believer No More- Monica DeB
  • Dead Serious and Lighthearted - Volume I (1957-1976)-Mack W. Borgen
  • Mindful Framing: Transform your Anxiety into Vital Energy- Oscar Segurado
  • Your Crossroads. Your Choice- EJ Apicello


WINNER: Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds: Princess Leia and Unsinkable Tammy in Hell- Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince

RUNNER-UP: Through Smoke-Teared Eyes- Johnny F. Pugh


  • Redlined: A Memoir of Race, Change, and Fractured Community in 1960s Chicago- Linda Gartz
  • Reversed: A Memoir- Lois Letchford
  • Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer- Antoinette T. Martin
  • Silent Words: A 50-Year family Saga- Jose Alvarez, Ph.D.
  • Boss Nova Odyssey - Michael N Graham
  • Explosions of Joy: A Memoir of the Grief Counselor for Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370- Paul Yin with Trina Kraus
  • Shattered Lives: Overcoming the Fraunces Tavern Terror- Jeff Ingber with Joe Connor
  • Hatching Charlie A Quest for Happiness and Meaning- Charles C McCormack
  • Suddenly Single: A Life After Death- Miriam S. Russell
  • Managing Bubbie- Russel Lazega
  • Life at the West Virginia Penitentiary- CM Plogger
  • Defying the Verdict:My Bipolar Life- Charita Cole Brown


WINNER: The Deception - Lauren Hudson

RUNNER-UP: The Whizbang Machine, Tunney's Curse- Danielle Vann


  • Time Next- Carolyn Cohagan
  • Destiny: Part 2 of the Liberty Saga- Rita Chapman
  • The Crystilleries of Echoland- Tal Boldo
  • The Shoeshine of Kabul- Zahra Omar Shansab
  • Days to the Gallows: A Novel of The Hartford Witch Panic- Kathryn Spada Basto
  • Dangerously Human- Emily S. Webber
  • The Brambles- Leah Erickson
  • Money Jane- T.K. Riggins
  • Aglow: A Christmas Fable- Bruce Ashkenas
  • The Paranauts- Logan Stark
  • Fractured: When Shadows Arise- Cathy Hird
  • EN- Michelle Reynoso
  • The Fabulous Adventures of Kiso Maravillas Book 1- Isabel de Navasqüés de Urquijo
  • The Baddest Kid in Sixth Grade - J. Walker


WINNER: Dancing With Tex: The Remarkable Friendship To Save The Whooping Cranes- Lynn Sanders

RUNNER-UP: Lions and Tigers and Terrorists, Oh My !: How to Protect Your Child in a Time of Terror-Carole Lieberman


  • Odonata The Flying Jewel of Maiden Grass Pond- Barbara Gervais Ciancimino
  • Hurricane Jamar's Story- Lynn Salsi and Joe Campbell
  • Please Close It!- Kathleen M. Jacobs Illustrated by Ashley Teets
  • Dilby R. Dixon's The Dilbonary- Tony J. Perri
  • FlowerChildren - Brigitte Brocato
  • The Twin Dolphin's Adventure - V.A. Boeholt
  • Hopping to America A Rabbit's Tale of La Befana- Diana Walker Illustrated by Ashley Teets
  • Bara Seal and Emily Too- Tom Beal
  • Figley’s Little White Lie-Suzanne Cotsakos & Ryan McCulloch, Illustrated by Ryan McCulloch
  • Felix Is Curious About His Body- Dr. Nicole Audet
  • Tricky Times- Laura Ireland
  • Not Me, It's a Trap! - Charles Forest Burton
  • Sky & I- Shronda Sledge
  • Meet the Kids in Room '22'- Ron Hughart
  • Ollie the Owllama- Kim Wilson
  • Crazy Crab- Mark C. Evans Illustrated by Steve Page


WINNER: Buddy's Story- Ellen Akerman

RUNNER-UP: Mistress Suffragette- Diana Forbes


  • Saints of Camarillo: Inside California's Infamous State Hospital- Dovie Ruth
  • Taste of Texas-Corbin Blackford
  • Tune Up: The Secrets of Mylin- Joe Klingler
  • The Witch Toaster- R. David Fulcher
  • Days to the Gallows: A Novel of The Hartford Witch Panic- Kathryn Spada Basto
  • Curmudgeonly Yours- Richard Bonte
  • Volver Desde El Bardo- James Cage
  • The Order of the Red Dragon- Djanthi-Thoth
  • Alternative Facts: An Adult Political Coloring Book- Debbie Chesebro


WINNER Taste of Texas- Corbin Blackford


WINNER: Discover Your Best Life- Mike Hintz

RUNNER-UP: More than a Millionaire- Randy L. Thurman, CPA, CFP


  • 15 Steps to Healthy Living- Gordon Fimreite
  • Purpose-Volume I: Meditation on Love, Relationship, Fear, Death, Intuition, and Power-Uncovering Our Resistance to Life - Noura


WINNER: Soul Journey: On the Wings of the Wind- Carolyn Sue Tyler

RUNNER-UP: What Now? Meditation for Your Twenties and Beyond- Yael Shy


  • Beyond Surviving: Cancer and Your Spiritual Journey - David Macginley
  • Rediscover Your Greatness- Dr. Vic Manzo Jr.
  • Purpose-Volume I: Meditation on Love, Relationship, Fear, Death, Intuition, and Power-Uncovering Our Resistance to Life. - Noura


WINNER: The New Science of Radical Innovation- Dr. Sunnie Giles

RUNNER-UP: The Intelligent Exit: The Business Owner's Guide To A Winning Strategy For Selling Your Company- Mark Carmichael


  • Growing Weeders into Leaders- Jeff McManus
  • Africa Risk Dashboard: Mitigation Architecture for Investors From Lessons Learned the Hard Way- Issa Baluch and Jon Vandenheuve
  • Cadence: A Tale Of Fast Business Growth- Pete Williams
  • How I Bought 3 London Properties For A Football Ticket- Laurence Lameche


WINNER: Taste of Texas - Corbin Blackford

RUNNER-UP: Collected Works - Vol. I: Thirty Years of Photography 1987-2017- Deanna Miesch


WINNER: Sound Generation: The Resonant Voices of Teen Girls Keren Taylor

RUNNER-UP: The Automobile: An American Cultural Icon David Ritchey


WINNER: The Chimera of Prague - Rick Pryll

RUNNER-UP: Mistress Suffragette - Diana Forbes


  • The Elusive Mr. Velucci - Tina Griffith
  • Mrs. Chartwell and the Cat Burglar - Pamela Gossiax
  • From Here to Eternity - Lisa Jagmohan
  • Broken - Lisa Jagmohan
  • Hiding Extra Lovin - 'Velda Washington-Stewart


WINNER: Gliding Brainwaves - The Tides Of My Thoughts- Ciarra Jade

RUNNER-UP: Eros in soffititla e altri ibridi- Ottawa G


  • Walking on a Moonbeam - Bill McDonald
  • Stellar - Kevin Hollingsworth


WINNER: It Takes Death To Reach A Star - Stu Jones & Gareth Worthington

RUNNER-UP: All Across The Mountain - R. David Fulcher


  • Vulture Bend - Don Stansberry
  • Biodivinity- Charissa Nasrallah So